Alex Jerden

Massage Therapist


General & Sports Massage – Clinical skills and soft tissue

BSc ( Hons ) Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Canterbury ChristChurch University



Registered with BASRat – The British Association of Sports Rehabilitation and Trainers.


Alex became interested in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation after being treated at Martinvale Clinic for a sports injury to his rotator cuff. Since then, he has, within his course, studied a wide range of therapy skills and techniques to integrate within his sports massages and improve client’s rehabilitation. He can provide deep tissue massage, sports therapy massage and rehabilitation and prevention advice for different injuries.

Whether you are seeking a massage to help relieve muscle tension, reduce stress or muscle pain and dysfunction, then massage therapy can provide that vital part. Massage will benefit regular athletes in their training support, decrease recovery time between training sessions or help in the recovery from an injury. It will also improve a person’s health and well being.

Alex is a keen athlete; playing rugby, skiing, weight training and enjoying all sport. Alex is passionate about health and fitness and spends a lot of his time, when not studying, training at the gym.