Lucy Bagley

Acupuncture Therapist

Lucy’s interest and subsequent career as a professional acupuncturist began when she studied Traditional Chinese Acupuncture TCM, at the Chang Sun School of Acupuncture in London.

Having successfully completed her training, she went on to live and practice in London for several years before moving down to Deal in Kent where she was able to raise and enjoy her family.

Today Lucy continues to practice privately where she sees a wide range of cases, as well as working two days a week with the NHS Chronic Pain Service. Lucy is also the British Acupuncture Council’s regional coordinator.

Paul Eldridge

Acupuncture Therapist

Paul qualified as a Paramedic in 2000 and has worked within the NHS since 1997 in the frontline accident and emergency service. He brings to the clinic many years of experience dealing with a vast range of health matters. Paul is a state registered paramedic and is also HCPC registered. Paul will be offering health checks at the clinic and believes this is an important part of everybody’s health, as early detection of any abnormalities can be addressed and improve long term health.


DIP Paraspinal Acupuncture
IHCD Technician
IHCD Paramedic HCPC registered

Further professional expertise

Paul is qualified with a Paraspinal Acupuncture Diploma and this treatment is available at Martinvale Clinic. Spinal or Hou Tuo Jai Ji uses needling to stimulate the central nervous system, thus increasing muscle tone, promoting blood circulation and warming of the extremities. It also produces a sense of well being and relief to a variety of symptoms and conditions.